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Our clinic was founded 10 years ago with the goal of bringing highly scientific and clinically experienced reasoning to the area of cannabis medicine. Our medical cannabis specialists and consultants are among the most experienced in clinical application of cannabinoid therapeutics in the world. Our specialized cannabinoid medicine consultations are provided to patients, researchers and governmental organizations throughout the United States and Internationally.


We bring sophisticated cannabinoid scientific research and clinical experience across a wide spectrum of areas in the cannabinoid medicine space and make that knowledge and expertise available to anyone seeking the most cutting edge and proven methods for safe and effective selection and use of cannabis medicine treatment options. Don't rely on advice from marijuana dispensaries for your healthcare decisions-- trust in our specialists to be your cannabinoid medicine advisors.

Initial Consultation Descriptions & Options

We've designed several Initial Consultation classes to provide options that best targets your goals:

  • Level 3 Comprehensive Consultation: $200

    • This consultation option is our most comprehensive and thorough option and is designed for patients needing the maximal level of evaluation, research and development of a treatment and recommendation plan. This option is required for cases of Cancers, Pediatric Seizures and Severe Neurologic Disorders, Serious Pain Management, Opiate Addiction/Dependence cases and all other serious medical conditions needing intensive evaluation​

    • This consultation level includes the following services:

      • 1.5hrs In-Person or Remote Appointment with Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist​

      • Thorough collection/research of all patient's medical records

      • Thorough scientific database and network research regarding cannabinoid supporting evidence for patient's medical condition

      • Development of a Cannabinoid Treatment Recommendation report and formulation plan to specifically guide the client on ideal approach to self-treatment with cannabinoids, including directions for where and what kinds of medicinal cannabis product to select for their condition and how to use properly dose their medications

      • A holistic wellness plan is also provided which includes: Nutritional, Detoxification, Lifestyle Modifications, and other Botanical/Supplemental natural medicines designed to work well with cannabinoids

  • Level 2 Focused Consultation: $150

    • This consultation option provides are more narrowed focus into a treatment case that is more ideal for patients already on cannabinoid therapy and may be wanting better evaluation and recommendations for adjustments in their treatment plan

    • This consultation level includes the following services:

      • 45min In-Person or Remote Appointment with our Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist​

      • Summary medical records review

      • Development of a Cannabinoid Treatment Recommendation report and formulation plan to specifically guide the client on ideal approach to self-treatment with cannabinoids

  • Level 1 Limited Consultation: $45

    • This consultation level is ideal for patients needing to address a very focused set of issues or questions about their use of cannabis products. This is ideal for patients who are already highly experienced with medicinal cannabis products and are wishing professional medical guidance on how to adjust their choices and self-treatment options to improve effectiveness, avoid side effects, or address drug interaction concerns.

    • This consultation includes:

      • 30min In-Person or Remote Appointment with our Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist​



After your initial consultation and depending on your level of needs, it's recommended you enroll for follow-up appointments to monitor your condition and ongoing treatment plan.

  • Follow-Up Care: $45-60

    • 30min In-Person or Remote Appointments with our Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist

  • Discounted follow-up consultations (available when purchased as a package):

    • 2 follow-up appointments $​110

    • 4 follow-up appointments $200

    • 6 follow-up appointments $270​


We provide discounts to patients with limited income who have proof of:

  • Oregon Health Plan

  • Food Stamps (SNAP)


  • We also honor our Military Veterans with a discount

Contact our office for discount pricing questions.

Consultation Follow-Up Appointment Pricing:

Discount Pricing Options:

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