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Oregon's Most Trusted OMMP & Natural Health Consultation Clinic
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  • Pyschedelic Integration Therapy
Oregon Medical Marijuana Licensing by Telehealth Appointment


Schedule your own appointments, complete your 5-min paperwork, and have your OMMP appointment online with our friendly doctors. Our professional and experienced staff can help you electronically prepare and submit your OMMP application for you. 


Psychedelic compounds can provide life changing benefits for many physical, emotional, psychological and even psychiatric conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Addiction and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. Our clinic is at the forefront of helping clients access therapeutic integration with our network of experienced and trained practitioners. 

Cannabis Health Consultations Expert Medical Guidance



Our Doctors and Specialists have decades of experience in conventional, alternative medicine & Cannabinoid scientific approaches to health so we know the risks and benefits of all systems. We provide a fully integrative consultation at all levels and can help you make the best healthcare decision for yourself or family member. We are here to advocate for your wellness.



GEM has been at the forefront of Cannabinoid Science & Research for over 12 years. We work with laboratories to create Cannabinoid formulations that are customized to our client's needs. We have a wide library of broad-spectrum CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and other Cannabinoids and Terpene compounds for creation of targeted action formulas. Schedule a Cannabis Health Consultation to explore your health options and how a customized formula can be more effective for your person health goals.

We have been providing highly professional, friendly, and efficient OMMP and Cannabinoid Health Consultations to clients all over Oregon for 10 years. Our unique expertise now also includes potential life changing Ketamine Therapy and Psychedelic Integration Counseling services.

Our team of doctors, research scientists and educators are highly experienced and in Cannabinoid & Plant Medicinal Sciences and are offering our clients customized and client-specific recommendations to support their personal healing and progress.


Serving Portland, Bend, Warrenton, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, Tillamook, and the Oregon Coast all surrounding areas. Our online health consultations appointments are available to anyone in the US & Internationally!

We now have afternoon in-person OMMP clinics in Grants Pass. If you'd prefer this option just book your appointment for any Monday afternoon available on our booking calendar!
Psychedelic Assisted Therapy
Customized Cannabis & Cannabinoid Formulations



Most appointments are conveniently done with online video links

In-person OMMP appointments available in Grants Pass on Monday Afternoons



Grants Pass




Medford & Ashland

Warrenton & Astoria


Cave Junction

Oregon Coast

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Sat & Sun: Closed

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