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Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine Therapy is changing lives for the better. The novel use of this compound is showing radical benefits for the longterm and can help patients stop dependence of pharmaceutical anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and pain medications.

Clinical research shows life changing potential and longterm benefits with a course of Ketamine Treatments for these conditions:

  • Severe Depression

  • Chronic Anxiety

  • Chronic Pain

  • PTSD and other disorders

See our Ketamine Education a the bottom of this page...

Ketamine Treatment Program

Appointments now available in Portland

Program Outline & Costs (Sliding Scale Fees available to those who qualify):

  • Medical Screening Appointment (Required) $300:

Thorough review of medical records and a 1hr interview to assess your condition and prepare you for treatment. A treatment program will be designed specifically for your case based on this appointment.

  • 4hr Ketamine Treatment Session + One 30-min. Post-Treatment Counseling Session $650: 

4 hour session using sublingual Ketamine dosed for your particular case by a trained and experienced medical practitioner. You will be monitored and attended by the practitioner the entire period of your session. You will be required to have a driver take you home after your session. The ideal treatment program consists of 3-7 Ketamine Treatment Sessions to get the maximal results for you condition. We provide discounted packages for 3, 5 and 7 Ketamine Treatment sessions. (Medical Screening appointment is required for this appointment)

  • Additional Post-Treatment Integration Counseling $120: 

A 45-min post-treatment session is included in your Ketamine Treatment session. However we strongly recommend a minimum of 1 additional counseling sessions after your treatments to get the maximal benefit of the treatments. Ketamine treatments can stir up memories & strong emotions which should be addressed with our Psychedelic experienced doctors and trained therapists.

Ketamine Treatment Packages
Contact our office to book packages


Our Recommended 3-Session Ketamine Treatment Program:

  • Medical Screening Appointment $275

  • 3 Ketamine Treatment Session Package (includes 3 counseling sessions): $1875

    • $25 discount per Ketamine session​ - $75 total discount

    • Includes 3 Post-Treatment Counseling Sessions

  • Total Cost: $2175

5-Session Ketamine Treatment Program:

  • Medical Screening Appointment $275

  • 5 Ketamine Treatment Session Package: $3000

    • $50 discount per Ketamine session​ - $250 total discount

    • Includes 5 Post-Treatment Counseling Sessions

  • Total Cost: $3275

7-Session Ketamine Treatment Program:

  • Medical Screening Appointment $275

  • 7 Ketamine Treatment Session Package: $4200

    • $75 discount per Ketamine session​ - $525 total discount

    • Includes 5 Post-Treatment Counseling Sessions

  • Total Cost: $4475


Please Note: We are unable to take insurance or check payments at this time. Most insurance companies are not yet covering Ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain diagnoses. 

About Our Psychedelic Integration Practitioners and Therapists:

Our team has been cultivated to provide a container of Safety, Compassion, and Commitment to our patients and our society in the use of these beneficial psychedelic experiences. Our practitioners are degreed, licensed and/or certified with State & Federal regulatory requirements for these treatments. We have years of education, training and personal developmental work using Psychedelic medicines. Our team are not just intellectually knowledgable about Ketamine and other beneficial psychedelics, but have had personally experienced the emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits of these medicinals for our own personal growth. 

Book Ketamine Appointments


Ketamine Question & Answer Appointment: Free

This is a free 20 minute ONLINE consultation to see if Ketamine Treatment is right for you. You will meet our specialist by secure telehealth link (video appointment). 


Ketamine Screening Appointment: $275


If you would like to move forward with preparing for a Ketamine Treatment session, this is a 45 Minute medical screening appointment to review your case, review relevant medical records, answer questions and prepare you for your Ketamine Treatment sessions. Note that patients with unstable psychiatric conditions, active Cystitis or Bladder inflammation/infections are not recommended to have Ketamine therapy.

Ketamine Education

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Yale Medicine: Ketamine & Depression: How It Works

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