OMMP Examinations

GEM Clinic has a Quick and Easy online appointments and Telemedicine (online) appointments with our OMMP doctors for the completion of the documents required for you to apply for an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program license. You can complete your paperwork and have your appointment all online with your computer, phone, or tablet!

Your OMMP New or Renewal Costs are determined by selecting your Medical Appointment Fee (#1) and adding this to the OMMP State Registration Fee (#2) below:

#1: OMMP Medical Appointment Fees

  • Standard Patient $180 payable at booking

  • Discounted Fee $130 payable at booking


Discounted fee requires proof of current Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Food Stamps (SNAP), Supplemental and/or Social Security Income, or Military Veterans status

#2: OMMP State Registration Fees:

  • Standard patient: $200

  • Proof of SNAP benefit: $60

  • Proof of OHP benefit: $50

  • Proof of Supplemental Security Income (SSI): $20

  • Proof of Military Veteran Status: $20

5 Steps To Receive Your Oregon Medical Marijuana License

Medical Evaluation Fees:

For new patients who don't have adequate medical records to qualify for an OMMP license, we are also able to provide an initial Medical Evaluation Visit to create the required documentation for you to become approved for an OMMP license. This service is also done via a remote telemedicine visit online.

  • $150 Medical Evaluation Fee 

In order to become a Medical Marijuana Patient in the state of Oregon you must see an OMMP Medical Doctor for approval.  We have highly qualified Cannabis Experts on our team to guide you through the process of becoming a patient and can also answer questions about how to use cannabis safely and effectively.

Follow these easy steps towards your OMMP license today!

Step One: Be an Oregon Resident (or prove your have residency papers) and have a qualifying medical condition:

Recognized Qualifying Conditions:

  • Cancer

  • Glaucoma

  • A degenerative or pervasive neurological condition


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • A medical condition or treatment for a medical condition that produces one or more of the following: 
    - Cachexia (a weight-loss disease that can be caused by HIV or cancer)
    - Severe pain
    - Severe nausea
    - Seizures, including but not limited to seizures caused by epilepsy
    - Persistent muscle spasm, including but not limited to spasms caused by multiple sclerosis

Qualifying Medical Conditions: If you are not sure if you condition qualifies, please call our office and we'll help guide you!

Proof of Oregon Residency: 

Step Two: Make an appointment by booking online:

If you are not able to book online for any reason -- call us to book and selection OPTION 1: 503-272-8781

Step Three: Complete your paperwork online with you computer, phone or tablet!

Our paperwork process is a breeze!


We immediately email you links to online paperwork for you to easily complete with your computer, phone, or tablet. For patients without devices we can also mail you paperwork to hand-write and mail back to us. You can easily upload pictures or scans of your Photo ID, Proof of Benefits, Medical Records and any other documents right from the online link.

Step Four: Meet our GEM OMMP Doctor via a secure online video link for your interview to receive your physician approval documents.

Step Five: Receive your OMMP patient card in the mail

Notice: OMMP licensing processing is currently delayed by 60-90 days. Book your appointment ASAP to avoid further delays.


We encourage you to request our $25 Paperwork Processing Service to help complete, verify and submit a clean application to OMMP

Benefits: Using your OMMP License helps you avoid the 25-35% recreational taxes. Your license will pay for itself many times depending on your purchase volumes.

An Oregon medical marijuana patient (and their caregiver, if applicable) may grow and possess up to 6 mature cannabis plants which can produce up to 6 pounds of cannabis yearly. You can also apply to legally sell this to dispensaries for $500-1000 per pound depending on the quality of your harvest. Being your own grower can also be profitable!

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