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Appointments & Services

OMMP Appointments

We now have afternoon in-person clinics in Grants Pass. If you'd prefer this option just book your appointment for any Monday afternoon available on our booking calendar!


For NEW or RENEWAL OMMP appointments

You can quickly and easily complete your OMMP paperwork electronically and have your doctor's appointment online to obtain the required documents to submit to OMMP. 


Requires Proof of: OHP, SNAP, SSI, or Military Veteran Status


For NEW or RENEWAL OMMP appointments

Complete your OMMP paperwork electronically and have your doctor's appointment online to obtain the required documents to submit to OMMP. 

Medical Evaluations

For Clients needing documentation and recording of their medical conditions for eventual OMMP application


This visit is for patients who don't have any prior medical records which document their qualifying conditions and needing their health conditions documented to create new medical records as required by OMMP. This visit is required PRIOR to their OMMP appointment.

Cannabis Health Consultations

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Cannabis Health Consultations:

No other organization has the depth of experience we have. With 10 years of Cannabis and Cannabinoid medicinal experience and our large clinical database, we can help guide you on the most proven,  scientifically supported, and safe ways to use Cannabis and Cannabinoids to support your recovery and health.

Psychedelic Therapy & Integration Services

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GEM Psychedelic Therapy Program

Our medical professionals have over 20yrs of experience in research, direct experience and ongoing training in understanding and guiding our clients in the Safe and Therapeutic use of Psychedelics for personal healing and transformation.

Psychedelic Integration:

Explore the life changing potential of Psychedelics for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addictions and many other disorders.

Ketamine Therapy:  Appointments now Open!

Ketamine offers life changing transformation for patients who qualify for this safe in-office sessions. It has potentially life changing effects for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Addictions


Psilocybin Integration: Appointments now Open!

We currently offer affordable options for expert guidance on self-dosing of Psilocybin mushroom products in micro-dosing or full dose treatment sessions. We also provide professional sitter services that are designed to keep you safe and provide you with professional and experience preparation before and counseling after your psychedelic experiences.


Our licensed Psilocybin Treatment Centers will be opening soon. Providing In-Person Psilocybin sessions and professional psychedelic integration therapy. 

MDMA Assisted Therapy: Launching in 2024

MDMA will become legalized for therapeutic use in 2024. GEM Clinic will be offering this treatment option when it becomes available. Stay tuned with us!

Administrative Services & Fees


Our team has 10 years of experience and relationships with the OMMP staff so we ensure an accurate and completion of your application process and submission to the OMMP. Our staff will help you make sure your application is right the first time!


Chose this option if you previously paid for the "Discounted OMMP Appointment" fee by mistake but don't qualify for this fee. The supplemental fee will be applied to your account to fulfill the standard OMMP Appointment fee. Our staff will typically notify clients who need to pay this fee.



Payment of State OMMP Registration fees. You should only access this page if our Staff specifically instructed you to.


Only for Clients who have already paid the "Paperwork Processing Service". 

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