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Cannabis Health Consultations

GEM's Cannabinoid & Health Specialists are uniquely qualified to provide you the most scientifically cutting-edge and most clinically experienced advice and guidance on how Cannabinoids, Naturopathic medicines and health strategies can improve your health and wellness. We've had over 15 years of active experience across all Cannabis and plant remedy environments from cultivation, through laboratory research/development and clinical formulation solutions that have changed our client's lives for the better.

Our experts are respected among pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and research industries for our experience with developing next generation Cannabinoid and Naturopathic medicines. We've been making our unique expertise available to clients seeking Cannabis and Natural plant medicine approaches to their health support since 2011. We have captured incredibly important observational and clinical data on our results for over 8 years and use that information to create an active database of knowledge which we use to identify the ideal formulations and health strategies for our clients.

  • Do you need guidance from experienced medical and scientific professionals on safe and effective uses of Cannabis and other Natural Plant Compounds for your health condition?

  • Are you looking for scientifically and clinically proven approaches to using Cannabinoids & Phytomedicinal compounds for replacing or reducing your dependence on harmful opiates and other prescription medications?

  • Do you need access to scientifically and professionally produced Cannabinoid formulas that can be customized to your individual health needs?​

About our Cannabinoid Health Consultations

Our specialists are available for online video consultations at your request:

  • Consultation levels are tailored to your health needs and costs​

  • Specialists can review your medical records for in-depth appointments

  • After your consultations we can do deep level research to identify a customized solution for your needs

  • We provide you with access to ordering scientifically develop formulas customized for your health targets

  • We provide ongoing consultation follow-up appointments to help monitor and guide your use of formulations for ideal outcomes

  • We can collaborate with your Cannabinoid-friendly healthcare providers to ensure a well-rounded strategy for your health goals

Our online and electronic consultations systems are designed for easy access:

  • Easy appointment self-booking via your own client portal

  • Use our client friendly system to easily upload your medical records and communicate with our Cannabinoid Consultation Team

*Please note these are NOT OMMP consultations. Please visit our "OMMP" page in the menu above for that service

New Patient - Consultation Appointments

Level 3 Advanced Conditions Consultation: $200

This consultation option is our most comprehensive and thorough option and is designed for patients needing the maximal level of evaluation, research and development of a  recommendation plan. This option is required for cases of Cancers, Pediatric Seizures and Severe Neurologic Disorders, Serious Pain Management, Opiate Addiction/Dependence cases and all other serious medical conditions needing intensive evaluation​.

This consultation level includes the following services:

  • 1hrs Remote Appointment with Clinical Cannabinoid Specialist​

  • Thorough collection/research of all patient's medical records

  • Thorough scientific database and network research regarding cannabinoid supporting evidence for patient's medical condition

  • Development of a Cannabinoid Recommendation report and formulation plan to specifically guide the client on ideal approach to self-treatment with cannabinoids, including directions for where and what kinds of medicinal cannabis product to select for their condition and how to use properly dose their medications

  • A holistic wellness plan is also provided which includes: Nutritional, Detoxification, Lifestyle Modifications, and other Botanical/Supplemental natural medicines designed to work well with cannabinoids


Level 2 Focused Condition Consultation: $150

This consultation option provides are more narrowed focus into a case that is more ideal for patients already on cannabinoid therapy and may be wanting better evaluation and recommendations for adjustments in their treatment plan.


This consultation level includes the following services:

  • 45min Telehealth Appointment with our Clinical Cannabinoid Specialist​

  • Summary medical records review

  • Development of a Cannabinoid Recommendation report and formulation plan to specifically guide the client on ideal approach to self-treatment with cannabinoids


Level 1 Basic Cannabinoid Consultation: $35

This consultation level is ideal for patients needing to address a very focused set of issues or questions about their use of cannabis products. This is ideal for patients who are already highly experienced with medicinal cannabis products and are wishing professional medical guidance on how to adjust their choices and self-treatment options to improve effectiveness, avoid side effects, or address drug interaction concerns.


This consultation includes:

  • 20 min Telehealth Appointment with our Clinical Cannabinoid Specialist​

telemedicine stock photo.jpg

Established Patients - Follow-Up Consultation

For our established patients who seek follow-up monitoring, updates, and ongoing guidance with their Cannabinoid and health strategies:

Consultation Follow-Up - Standard: 15-20 Minutes: $25

For clients needing effective and quick visit to help address their ongoing Cannabis & Cannabinoid self-treatments


Consultation Follow-Up - Detailed: 30-45 Minutes: $45


For more detailed follow-up for clients with:

  • Changes in health conditions

  • Address new issues

  • Changes to health or formulation strategies


Consultation Follow-Up - Complex: 45-60 Minutes: $60


For patients with highly complex conditions:

  • Updates or changes in health conditions

  • Revision of Cannabinoid and health strategies

  • As indicated by Consultant

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