Cannabinoid Expertise

Our unique experiences and accomplishments serve to enhance the understanding and adoption of Cannabis-based medicines and other Naturopathic compounds across the areas of Clinical Therapeutics, Research & Development Projects, and Global Educational Outreach.

GEM's Cannabinoid Consultations are available for:

  • Personal Cannabis Health Consultations

  • Customized Cannabinoid & Plant Medicine Formulations

  • R&D Industries and Medicinal Cannabis Product Developers

  • Cannabis Cultivation Management & Regulatory Compliance

  • Educational Outreach & Seminars

Our clinic was founded 10 years ago with the goal of bringing highly scientific and clinically experienced reasoning to the area of Cannabis & other Phytomedicinal Compounds. Our medical Cannabinoid specialists and consultants are among the most experienced in the world in clinical application of Cannabinoids for health & wellness. Our specialized Cannabinoid & Health consultations are provided to patients, researchers and governmental organizations throughout the United States and Internationally.


We bring sophisticated Cannabinoid scientific research and scientific R&D experience across a wide spectrum of areas in the cannabinoid medicine space and make that knowledge and expertise available to anyone seeking the most cutting edge and proven methods for safe and effective design, development & application of Cannabinoids in healthcare and wellness.


Cannabis Health Consultations

Our Central Expertise & Passion: 10 years of successfully guiding clients to better health, wellness and life enhancement. Cannabis, complimentary Naturopathic compounds and progressive lifestyle adjustments can radically affect healing and personal transformation. Whether your condition is physical or emotional, Cannabinoids and our clinical expertise can guide you to your goals for wellness.


Medicinal Formulation Design

Endocannabinoid Systems are unique to the individual - so should the Cannabinoid medicines:

We used modern scientific and traditional phytomedicinal techniques to create advance formulas that are customized to your needs. Activate your own system of healing & health optimization through our advance formulas.


Cannabis Cultivation & Regulatory Compliance

Steeped in the Cannabis frontier of Applegate Valley of Souther Oregon:

We have the experience and knowledge to guide Cannabis cultivators - individuals & businesses - on successful cultivation strategies and in-depth management of OHA/OLCC compliance regulations for the Medical & Commercial cultivators.


Educational Outreach

"Learn, Do and Teach"

Cannabinoids and Natural Plant compounds transforms lives for the better and we are here to share everything we know.


We recorded thousands of directly observed cases of profound health improvements with Cannabinoids and phytomedicinals. After a half-century of political & regulatory suppression of Cannabis, the truth of its safety and life-changing benefits are coming back to the surface. Our educators are passionate about Cannabis and serious about gathering and sharing our knowledge.