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Founder & Cannabinoid Specialist

I was a Certified Internal Medicine physician with over 20 years of experience in providing allopathic medical care to acutely hospitalized patients. I recently retired my license to go more deeply into Cannabis Research & Education. I've been a Cannabis researcher and specialist since 2008 and am devoted to using Cannabis compounds, other natural medicines and integrative treatments to help patients find true wellbeing in Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

I previously practiced in the capacity as an inpatient medicine specialist, caring for severely ill patients in the ER, hospital wards, ICU, and rehabilitation settings. While practicing conventional medicine was both rewarding intellectually and personally, I became disappointed in the lack of mindfulness and acceptance of more preventative and natural approaches to healing and maintaining optimal health. 

I discovered Cannabis medicine in 2005 after a direct experience observing a patient with late stage pancreatic cancer who had incredible success with the use of cannabis for his condition. Not only did it address his pain, poor appetite, nausea and other disease and pharmaceutical-driven side-effects, but I witnessed the patient go into complete remission of cancer within a year of using cannabinoid medicines. Since then, I've worked with over 5,000 medical cases which have shown remarkable results with the precise and scientific use of cannabinoid options. I founded Green Earth Medicine clinic in 2008 to bring my experience and knowledge in the field of cannabinoid medicine to support the public with their healthcare decisions around medicinal cannabis, to fight for recognition of cannabinoid compounds as legitimate and safe medicines with positive world-changing potential, and to finally expunge the 100 year old dishonest campaign that has been waged against this highly effective group of medicinal compounds.

I provide highly experienced educational guidance to any client seeking deep level and direct experiential knowledge with how to use cannabinoids for maximal health benefits.