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MDMA Therapy Available Soon at GEM


MDMA can be profoundly life changing under guided therapy, especially for couple's counseling. We have been documenting and recording many cases of success with this mode of personal and relationship development therapy that have pierced through many years of psycho-emotional obstructions that are not resolved with conventional psychotherapies and pharmaceutical drugs.

Our team of practitioners and facilitators have had many years of direct experience and training with working for clients who are seeking professional and highly experienced guidance for therapeutic sessions with MDMA and other psychoactive medicines for personal development and improvements.

The range of conditions that can be addressed include:

  • PTSD, Chronic Anxiety & Depression

  • Couples or family related dysfunction and relationship difficulties

  • Sexual dysfunction and intimacy challenges

  • Recovery from divorce, traumas and difficult life transitions

  • Personal improvement, creativity development, & career re-envisioning

There are many ways to use MDMA and other psychoactive medicines to personal improvement. We've assembled a team of highly experienced and professional practitioners, therapists and facilitators to help you discover you higher and better self and life. Please reach out to us for a free consultation if you are interested to explore therapy.

Watch a short segment here about MDMA therapy sessions:

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