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CBD & Cannabinoids Showing Protective Potential Effects Against COVID-19

GEM Clinic announced in March at the beginning of the COVID-19 Epidemic that CBD and other Cannabis compounds have anti-viral properties. This study below and many others which can be found at the National Institutes of Health Scientific Database confirms what we've know all along:

Our Cannabis Scientists and experts have been in the field of Cannabis Medicine and Science for well over 10 years and have had thousands of successful cases in Oregon and on-going research projects internationally. This background of deep understanding, both scientifically and clinically makes GEM Clinic the most knowledgable Cannabis Medical Clinics in the US and Internationally. We have been well aware of the potentially value of CBD and other Cannabis compounds to help with this current crisis along with many common conditions.

While we are prohibited by the FDA from making any claims about CBD and Cannabis compounds as "medicine" or capable of using them as "treatments", we can share the fact that many thousands of our clients and consumers are clearly benefiting from using the right formulations of CBD and Cannabinoids. The data clearly shows the following:

1) Scientifically developed and formulated CBD and cannabinoid products are non-toxic to human cells and physiology when used with good medical guidance

2) Recreational marijuana is no the same as "medicinal marijuana"

3) Grocery store CBD products are not "medicinal" level products-- frequently they are very low grade and of "nutritional grade" cannabinoids the produce little to modest health benefits

4) Expert Cannabinoid guidance is essential to finding the proper dose for each individual because each person has unique genetics and responses to Cannabinoids

Please consider our Clinical Grade Green Earth CBD products which were develop from years of scientific cannabinoid research expertise. We harnessed scientific knowledge from the research fields and combined this with over 10 years of directly clinical experiences with patients using Cannabis compounds for their health and illness conditions.

If you need Expert Advice- consider obtaining a Cannabis Consultation with our Experts. We provide remote consultations through a secure video appointment system and can review your medical history and provide precise guidance on what products to obtain and how to use them safely and for maximal benefit.

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